Sun Peaks Activities

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Things to do in Sun Peaks

Sun Peak’s village provides out-of-towners with plenty to experience, including dining. One of the most popular dining experiences is the Fondue Dinner and Evening Descent. Guests board the Sunburst Express chairlift at 5 p.m. with skis and ski gear on and enjoy a fondue dinner at the Mid Mountain Restaurant. After the tasty chalet-style meal guests, participants cruise down lantern-lit slopes. Visitors looking to experience some shopping should head to Kamloops, which is about an hours’ drive away. Kamloops is also a great place to watch a hockey game and experience Canada’s favorite pastime.

As a popular Canadian winter destination, outdoor activities in Sun Peaks abound. Visitors can experience everything from cat trax groomer rides, dog sled tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice skating, snowmobile tours, snowshoe tours and snow tubing. The Sun Peaks Sports Centre is the focal point of non-skiing and –snowboarding activities. When the bullwheel stops running for the day, guests can enjoy the Sports Centre’s fitness facilities, pools and hot tubs. Families have another reason to love Sun Peaks. The resort hosts Mascon Hangout , which is a place for teens to hang out in the Sports Centre and play X-Box or Wii and watch the latest ski and snowboard movies.